Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend Update: Birthday and Graduation Celebrations:

After a week of having a sick baby who is also teething... We were excited for the weekend and being able to spend it with lots of friends and family! 

Charli and I started our weekend off poolside on Friday... (What else do you do when you are on a month and half long vacation in Florida, with a pool in your backyard?!)

And I'm pretty sure the fur babies are enjoying themselves as well...

Saturday, was a morning full of running errands with my mom, and then a little bit of this while Charli napped... Perfect morning if you ask me!

Some of my parents best friends, and my dad, all have birthdays within days of each other, and every year we have a big birthday bash for all of them. So on Saturday afternoon, we headed out to our friends house at the beach to celebrate! :)


Charli just making herself at home!

Happy Birthday Papa

My brother couldn't be there to celebrate... He is currently in nursing school and is swamped on the weekends with clinical's... 

Happy Birthday Dad, Mitch, and Shelly! 

Sunday was my dad's birthday. Steven and I got him a waffle maker (if you know my dad, you know he loves cooking breakfast, and he used to make my brother and I waffles every weekend, and this is something that Steven and I do now!) So we thought it would be the perfect gift, especially since his granddaughter loves eating her little waffles too! ;) Needless to say, it was the perfect gift, and we of course put it to use for his birthday breakfast! 

Charli loved her waffle too this morning for her Papa's birthday!

After breakfast and some more pool time, my mom and dad were off to the country club to play a round of birthday golf, while Charli took a nice long nap (over 2 hours). When she woke up, her and I were off to one of my best friend's mom's Bed & Breakfast out at the beach for a dear friend's graduation party!

Figg Tree Inn Bed & Breakfast

The famous Figg Tree!

 It is so hard to believe that sweet Hannah is graduating from High School. I used to babysit Hannah when she was a little girl, and I nannied her younger sisters. I have watched Hannah grow into such a beautiful and amazing young woman, and cannot believe she is already graduating. I am so proud of you Hannah, and I am so glad Charli and I could surprise you today and celebrate with you! We love you so much!

And Charli of course got lots of lovin by everyone! It is days like today that I am so happy to be back home for a little bit. Watching the people I love, love on my little girl so much! 

Charli and Sarah (Hannah's Momma!)

Charli loving on her Aunt Shannon

Charli hanging with her Uncle Drew (Shannon's hubby)

Doesn't every baby eat their shoes?! 'Look Ma... No hands!'

Charli helping Ms. Lori in the kitchen (Shannon's Momma, who owns the Bed & Breakfast)

After the graduation party, it was back to the house, to enjoy a fabulous birthday dinner with my family! Happy Birthday Dad, I am so thankful that Charli and I could be here this year to celebrate! We love you! 

It was a great weekend, and we are looking forward to a busy week full of play dates, that will be starting tomorrow!!! I get to see one of my very best friends who is in town!!!! 

Hope your weekend was fabulous!

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  1. I am so jealous that you and Kate each get real summers while we're stuck in the fog here in Monterey (although yesterday was pretty nice). So glad you get to be close to family! Miss you guys!