Friday, June 14, 2013

On The Road Again:

Well, it is Official... As of 9 AM Pacific Time, Steven was detached from the Naval Postgraduate School, is no longer a student, and his drive across the country has officially begun! It has been exactly 4 weeks today, that Charli and I have been in Jacksonville, so I am so excited that I only have a few more days to go before I have my family back together again! WOOOOOO!! :) 

As a Flashback Friday, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy from our drive across country 2 years ago when we were leaving Jacksonville and headed to California...

Just getting on the road in Jacksonville

I'm glad this won't be happening this time... haha...

They were troopers though!

I'm sure Steven's drive won't be nearly as fun and eventful without his wife, an almost 11 month old, and two fur children in the car! ;) The good thing is one of his best friends flew in to Monterey to spend time with him during his last few days there, and will be making the first half of the trip back with him, until he drops him off in Texas! 

Safe Travels baby and I cannot wait to jump into your arms when you get here!!!!!! 
(One Happy Wife Right Here!)

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