Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Update:

We had a pretty fun weekend, and are finally in our last couple of days before Steven comes home!! Woohoo!! Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only one daaaaaay aaaaaa waaaaayyy!! :)

It was Flag Day Friday! ;)

Then after running some errands shopping ;) on Friday afternoon (which seems to be a reoccurring thing with Nana since we have been here... hehe!) ;) an old friend of mine who I have not seen in about 6 years came over! Heather and I have been friends since we were in Middle School, and it was so good to catch up with her and see her, and for her to meet Charli! 

Saturday morning was Gavin's First Birthday Party!! We had so much fun with some good friends celebrating this sweet little boy turning 1!

A little swing time

A little cake time

A little crawl time

A little BUBBLE time!!! (Which by the way is one of Charli's newest words, and is pretty much the cutest thing I have ever heard!! She says "Buboo's")! 

Charli and Caroline

A little friend time

And a little loving time to end his first birthday party! ;) (It is pretty cute that Gavin loves kissing on Charli!)

Then it was back to the house for a little pool time, before heading to the Jacksonville Axeman's Rugby game. Two of my best friends (Christie and Shannon) cheer and dance for the Axeman, and we love going out to not only watch some good Rugby, but to see them dance as well! This was Charli's first professional Rugby game, and she had a blast cheering on the guys and her aunts! 


clapping for her aunts!

Sunday started out with waffles for breakfast for the girls since my Dad wasn't home yet. Luckily he got in earlier than expected and we were able to spend Father's Day with him. It was a nice relaxing day by the pool... Which is all my Dad wanted!

And I think this made it better! ;)

And I couldn't let Steven's First Father's Day go by without snapping some adorable pictures just for him, of the very reason he gets to celebrate this special holiday! 


We love you Daddy and cannot wait to see you tomorrow!!!!!

Happy Monday!

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