Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Hot Day at the Zoo:

So yesterday, Charli and I met up with my girlfriend Kelly and her little man Gavin (who by the way is ONE today! Happy Birthday sweet boy! So glad we were able to have a pre-first birthday celebration yesterday!) ;) at the Jacksonville Zoo! 

This was Charli's first time to the Jacksonville Zoo (so I had to make sure that Daddy was OK with us going without him, because we already have a Zoo day planned for once he gets back! And he was!) So despite the over 90 degree temperatures, the humidity making it feel over 100 degrees, and the fact that we were all dripping with sweat because it was so hot... We had a blast, and the babies were such troopers! It was a fun day spent with friends! 

And our first stop... The Giraffe's... Of course! 

The Giraffe's are my favorite! You can also feed the Giraffe's, but we didn't (I have to save some of the fun stuff for when Daddy is here!)

Charli was waving to the Giraffe's!

After the Giraffe's we walked through the Jaguar Exhibit, saw all sorts of other animals, then it was indoors to cool off and have some lunch! After lunch we headed to the Butterfly Hollow Exhibit (passing the Carousel, which Gavin and Charli loved looking at!)

(Again, another fun thing we will save for Daddy! Charli rode the Carousel for the first time back in January with Daddy at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and had a blast... So I could only imagine how much fun she would have on it now!)

Now off to Butterfly Hollow and a little run through the misters to cool off the babies!

(No pictures of the actual butterflies though... haha... But I'm pretty sure these two cuties will do!)

Our last stop was Africa Loop, before heading home to get our babies out of the heat!

We had so much fun with our friends, and Happy Birthday again Gavin! 

And what better way to cool off from a super hot Summer day at the Zoo... Nakey baby swim time with Uncle Amia!

Happy Tuesday!

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