Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Update: Leaving my baby for the first time:

So as you may of seen, we had our first Tropical Storm on Thursday... But were poolside on Friday! ;)  (Gotta love the Florida Life right?!) 

We started our weekend with a little pool time and then a little shopping time with Nana on Friday afternoon! 

Saturday was another beautiful sunny hot day, and some of our friends came over for a Pool Play Date! I have known Matt and Sarah for a pretty long time now, and they too had their first baby (now over a year ago), but I have not met sweet Collins until now! It was so fun getting our two little girl together, and Charli of course was her sweet welcoming self, giving lots of hugs to her friend! (Side Note: Both Collins and Charli not only have the same initials... CAH... But also the same middle name! Pretty neat!) So here are a few pictures from our wonderful time with friends...

Collins Adele and Charli Adele

Now on to Sunday... A day I have been preparing myself for... The very first time I was leaving Charli all day... (yes she is almost 11 months old, and I have never left her before... Besides being able to run some errands without her, get my hair done once without her, and about 3 dinners out, which I have put her to bed before leaving...) 

I had a lot of mixed emotions... I was SO excited to be hanging out with some of my best friends for the day, but I was so sad to leave my sweet baby girl... But she was in the best hands, and only hands I would leave her with... My mom! I wrote out Charli's schedule just in case my mom forgot, and my mom sent me on my way with my friends and reassured me everything would be fine and to just have FUN! 

And that I did! We headed out in the morning to Ginnie Springs, for a whole lot of sunshine, floating, and drinking beer... And Pink Panty Pulldowns of course (since I can't drink beer, this is always my drink of choice!) ;) It was a perfect day spent with some friends... But I'm not gonna lie... I thought about Charli the entire time, and my conversations always had her in them (official mom problems)!

Got our tubes

Well that looks like fun!

The ladies!

The dudes!

Lunch Time!


I am so lucky to have such an amazing group to call friends! 

We headed home, and of course I was immediately on the phone checking in with my mom. She said Charli had done great, and they had a lot of fun. She said Charli didn't go down for her afternoon nap very easily (which is understandable seeings how I have been the only person to ever put her down for a nap..) But after a little pool time with Nana and Uncle Darren, she went down and slept great. She ate dinner, then it was in to the bath she went (I had told my mom I was going to leave it up to her if she wanted to give her a bath or not... Of  course she did!) ;)... But maybe Nana might be second guessing those decisions now... Charli pooped in the bath! HAHAHAHA!!! She has never done this before! Way to leave it for your Nana sweet girl! ;) I was dying laughing and of course had to call Steven immediately to tell him! HAHA! 

After bath was bed time... Again, I am the only person besides Steven who has put her to bed, so I was very nervous about this... But luckily my brother-in-law and I pulled into the driveway just as my mom was walking out of her room... Charli was still awake, had already drank all of her bottles I had for my mom for the day, and was still crying (poor thing just missed her mommy I think) ;). So I went in, and she was down in minutes, and out for the count the rest of the night! 

Thank you so much again Mom for taking care of Charli! We love you! 

Hope your weekend was great! We are off to the Zoo this morning with a good friend and her ALMOST 1 year old! :)

Happy Monday!

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