Monday, June 3, 2013

We'll Be Friends Til We're Old and Grey:

True Friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's being separated & nothing changes.

I have not seen my best friend since my wedding day (her husband is also in the Military, so we have been stationed on opposite sides of the country), and when I saw her today, nothing had changed, and we fell right back in to being 'Traci and Sarah'! I was so excited to see her today, and to meet her new little guy, Easton (and this would be her first time meeting Charli)! We always used to talk about getting pregnant at the same time when we were growing up, so our children could grow up being best friends! How crazy is it, that it actually happened!! 

Sarah and I have known each other since we were in Elementary School, but it wasn't until High School that we really became absolute best friends... And since then, we always have been, and I know we always will be! 

Sarah and her husband are in transition of duty stations as well, so they had the same idea as us, and are vacationing with her family for the next few weeks until they head out to California... I KNOW... I move away from California and back to the East Coast, and she heads to California from the East Coast... (Gotta love the Military life)! But I am very thankful that we will have these next few weeks to spend together! 

We had an amazing day today, meeting each other's babies, and catching up with each other! Easton is almost exactly 3 months younger than Charli, and they got along so well! Charli just loved playing with him and all of his toys! And we of course had to do a mini photo shoot of the two of them... So not sure if these two will be 'best friends', but more like 'boyfriend/girlfriend' ;)!

Easton Charles- 7 1/2 months, Charli Adele- 10 1/2 months

And she didn't waste any time... haha

Giving Easton lots of hugs!

Charli Adele... Watch your hand little miss.. hahaha!

If that's not love, I don't know what is! haha!

HAHAHA! Poor Easton!

Charli was giving him so many hugs and kisses... She was being so sweet to him, but she also doesn't quite understand being gentle, or nice just yet! haha!

'Shhhh... I am going to hug you, and you will like it' HAHA! 

Again... Poor Easton...

'I'm so confused as to why you are clapping after what you just did to my face?!'

Oh, and this is something new that Charli has now started doing... Climbing...

After lots of playing at Sarah's Momma's house, we headed to The Loop to grab some lunch! It was a perfect day spent with my best friend! 

We'll Be Friends 'Til We're Old & Senile
... Then We'll Be New Friends!

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