Thursday, February 11, 2016

Valentine's Cards 2016:

Happy Thursday Friends! 

With Valentine's a few short days away I wanted to go ahead and share Charli's Valentine's we made this year! I was both excited and nervous this year because I wanted Charli to specifically tell me what she wanted to give all of her little friends {and well, it's Charli, so you never know what is going to come out of that girls mouth} ;)! I was so excited though when she said she really wanted to give her friends Pirate Booty "betause that is MY fav-wit snack mommy and I fink ALL my fwiends would love it"! {great choice girlfriend!}

The only thing I needed to purchase was the Pirate Booty. I had everything else on hand. I came up with the slogan and with a super quick couple clicks in Avery I printed off these little business cards and made them into the perfect little tags. A quick hole punch to both the card and very top of the bags and tied off with string, they were complete! 

You ARRRRRRRRRR My favorite Valentine!

Charli is absolutely devastated though as she has had to miss school all week and will unfortunately have to miss school tomorrow which is her Valentine's Party :(. She has been looking forward to it but both her and Crew caught Hand Foot Mouth Disease and we are all living in bubbles quarantined inside our house as we do not want to infect anybody {thankfully they are finally acting themselves, just still no appetites, but they are still contagious}. We do have the absolute sweetest friends though at her school and they are going to still make her her Valentine's basket with all of the goodies from her little friends and are going to deliver it to the house {melt}. She is going to be so surprised when they show up!! I have lots of festive plans up my sleeve for her to really make Friday and this weekend special for the both of them! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 


  1. Oh my gosh, HFM? Cam got it two summers in a row! It's the pits! I love that she's still getting her's the next best thing to being at school! I hope you all get healthy soon!!! xo

  2. Poor kiddos! Missing a school party/fun day is the worst! Super cute Valentine's! Happy Valentine's weekend to you and your sweeties!