Thursday, February 18, 2016


My love for Catstudio began a long time ago {maybe close to 10 years ago} when I visited my family out West. I saw that my Aunt had purchased some new pillows that adorned the sofa in the bonus room. Each pillow different, each pillow unique, but what I noticed was that each pillow had a little bit of family meaning behind it {whether it was memories from a special vacation or where they owned a vacation home}. These incredible hand embroidered pillows were something I knew I wanted in my own home one day, I just didn't know what my story behind them would be. 

Low and behold I married a man in the Military and his career has taken us from Coast to Coast and now back where it all began! When we made our first move out to California it dawned on me, that one day I would love to finally have the Catstudio Pillows in every place that we live! Steven was less than thrilled and not quite on board with my theory because the pillows are a little pricey. Our next move happened, and then the next, and then the next. Each place I would remind him of how  neat it would be to have a pillow {gotta keep the bug in his ear} ;)!

Now we are settled in to our 5th home together {5th home but only 4th location because we have lived here before}, and Steven surprised me like no other... 
He has officially started my pillow collection! 

I am so in love with Our story behind each of these pillows and all of the memories they bring to us! Jacksonville is where I was born & raised, it is where Steven and I met & married; Charleston was Charli's second home, it is where Crew was born, and so many other moments & memories we have there. I cannot wait to add California & Rhode Island and neither can Charli because she wants "her" California pillow since that is where she was born! ;) haha. These pillows will adorn our front sitting room as we have four perfect chairs for all four pillows to sit {it's like it was meant to be}! 

If you have never heard of Catstudio before you need to head on over to their website and look. They offer so many great things like these geography collection pillows to dish towels, cups, and even collegiate designs! 

Happy Thursday & Happy Shopping! 


  1. So cute! I want to say I saw the dish towels in a store in Tallahassee and almost bought one...but then of course I was faced with the decision of which one I would get! Military problems...I bought a Crested Butte pillow while on our honeymoon and love bringing it out at Christmas time. Nostalgic things are the best, especially for decorating!

  2. We got a dishtowel, as a gift, and I loved it! I might have to grab some pillows to catch up to "our story!" (PS Good husband!)