Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Grace Episcopal Little School:

It is the perfect most adorable private Episcopal Preschool nestled in the middle of the College of Charleston Campus, in downtown Charleston! 

There is a waiting list to get in to Grace Little School, most children in Charli's class had been on the waiting list since they where 3 months old. Even though we had no chance of getting in to the school Steven went down there a month before classes started this summer and filled out an application in person.  You could imagine how grateful Steven and I felt as we received a call one week after filling out Charli's application to hear that she had been accepted! 
Our little girl was Going to Preschool!

The school was aware that Charli would not be able to attend the entire school year due to our Military transfer and they had no issues...

As excited as we were for our little girl to start Preschool for the first time, we knew that in due time we would have to say goodbye... Something that I never knew or ever had to deal with growing up, but something that both of our children will endure due to being "military brats".

I went to Steven in tears one evening as it finally hit me that this would be the first  of many schools, teachers, and friends that Charli would have to leave.  Realizing that she (and her brother) will always have to do this for as long as her Daddy serves our country and knowing that saying goodbye will only get harder as our children get older. Though it made me sad to think about her having to say goodbye often it made me hopeful that our children will become resilient, tough, and learn to truly cherish the times that they do have with the people and friends!

So as I sat in the pick up line for what would be the last time, awaiting Charli and her teacher, I couldn't help but cry. Tears fell from my cheeks as Ms. Jen picked Charli up and buckled her in to her car seat for the last time. Thank you so much for the perfect start to our little girl's school years! 

We are truly going to miss Grace Episcopal and everyone we met there!

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  1. As tough as it is, we are so lucky to have men and women like your husband, so THANK YOU for making so many sacrifices for us!! Have you found a new school in Rhode Island? When is the move?