Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014:

Our Halloween festivities kicked off on Thursday with finishing touches of Halloween decor, followed by pumpkin carving with Daddy Thursday evening, and ending our Halloween Eve with some yummy treats while watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown in Halloween jammies of course!!

Friday morning we woke up ready to celebrate!! 
I am so incredibly thankful I am living my dream job as a Stay at Home Mom and was able to be Room Mom for Charli's Preschool Halloween Party Friday morning 
(another life goal of mine... dream big right?!) ;) 
I was super excited about the festive treats I made for her classroom

 (Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins: Add food coloring to make orange, roll into balls, half of a tootsie roll stem and a fruit roll up "leaf"
Mandarine Oranges Pumpkins: Peel and place a sliver of celery for a stem
Boo-Nana's: cut in half, peel, mini chocolate chips for eyes, regular chocolate chip for mouth)

The Halloween Party festivities at school started with a sing-a-long portion in the Parish Hall (and OH MY GAHHHHH... I die...) Can we just say how adorable it was to see all of the kids dressed up and singing. Charli did amazing and knew all the words and motions. I was so proud of her and I was of course that mom sitting right in front with my camera out (duh) and my phone video taping! 

After the sing-a-long portion, we headed outside for a little parade around the block in downtown Charleston! And let me just say, it was AAAA-dorable! 

Then it was back to the classroom for treats!

I had an incredible morning with my first born and am so thankful I could be there and enjoy one on one time with her, while daddy stayed home and slept in with baby boy! 
It was a perfect Halloween morning! 

After lunch and naps we continued our Halloween festivities by getting ready for trick-or-treating!

 Last Year was Charli's first year trick-or-treating but we only went to our neighbors houses because I felt she was still so little, and honestly it was just perfect for her at that age. This year on the other hand we did much more! We were so excited to take her around the block in the neighborhood and knew she would have so much fun! Daddy and Crew made it down our street with us but since Steven wasn't feeling well he headed back to the house with Crew to pass out candy and relax while me and my little scarecrow continued on with our friends! 

We had an absolute blast and I loved hearing her little voice say "twick-or-treet... thank you... happy hawoween" at every house! She kept saying "O-hey Momma, just one more house"! 
I definitely think that her third Halloween and Crew's first was a success!


And a Holiday (well, really anything) wouldn't be complete without a photoshoot...
But let's be honest, our little Scarecrow and Pumpkin were WAY too adorable to not photograph!

 Happy First Halloween Crew!

And sorry bubba, but welcome to sibling-hood... 
She seriously always has to be touching his head...

And because it is tradition in our family to be a pumpkin on your first Halloween (and kind of classic if you ask me), here is a side by side of Charli and Crew in the same costume on their 
First Halloween's! 

Charli                                                                Crew

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday!
We sure did! 


  1. Love, love, love the scarecrow costume! You did an awesome job on it, mama! And Crew makes the cutest little pumpkin!

  2. Love it! So glad that Charli got to enjoy Halloween! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, cutest costumes ever!!! I just love being able to be there for those adorable preschool parties too, they're so fun! Glad you had a wonderful Halloween! Hope the next few weeks are smooth for you guys!!

  4. Your little pumpkin and scarecrow are ADORABLE!!! I absolutely love all of the costumes in Charli's little class!!