Friday, November 7, 2014

Crafting Chronicles: Scarecrow Tutu:

Happy Friday Friends!

I had a lot of people ask me if I made Charli's Halloween Costume and the answer is yes, yes I did! 
It was a super easy Tutu dress and I did the same thing I have done for previous tutu's I have made for her but I thought I would do a "refresher" post on the how-to...
So here goes...

*Tulle (or fabric)
*Measuring Tape

(Not shown: Elastic waistband because I already had one. You can find that step here)

*Start by measuring how long you want the tutu (I measured from Charli's chest to her ankles). 
*You will then double that length and that is the length of the tulle you will cut.
(So for Charli I did 53inches)

*Take your strips of tulle and fold in half
*Take the folded tulle and loop around your elastic waistband
*Pull the 2 strands through the loop
*Pull to tighten

*Continue steps above until waistband is full! 

(I didn't take pictures of this step)
*Take piece of ribbon and fold in half and loop and pull (see above) and hot glue the sunflower to that piece of ribbon.
*Tie ribbon around neck to act as a halter dress strap!

I finished the look by adding the cutest brown triangle with "stitches" on her nose using brown eyeliner!

And voila!! 

Happy Friday and Happy Crafting!! 


  1. You are so talented, friend! Where'd you get the idea for this?!

  2. So cute!!! I think this would be a great outfit for a first birthday too!