Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Charli in Charleston: My first day of Preschool:

From Charli's Chair:

Today was the day
I started preschool
My mommy and daddy said it would be pretty cool
They said, I'll learn and I'll play
And make lots of friends
That I'll sing and I'll dance
And eat a snack towards the end

Mommy was sad as I kissed her goodbye
She said I was growing up
In a blink of an eye 
She said have fun and have a great day
As daddy and I climbed in the car
And we drove away

Daddy dropped me off
At the front of the school
Where I walked with my teachers
To my classroom 

At the end of the day
My daddy was there
And I had so many stories I wanted to share

My first day of school
Was an absolute blast
And I told mommy and daddy I can't wait to go back!


Until my next adventure...

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xoxo charli