Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tuesday Playgroup:

First, what a special group of friends I have made while living here, and not to mention how much fun we all have when we are together! And the fact that our 'Tuesday Playgroup' usually ends up most weeks as being a 'Monday Playgroup', a 'Wednesday Playgroup', and a 'Thursday Playgroup'! 

Today our Tuesday playgroup headed out to the Valley and picnicked at Earthbound Organic Farms! It was an absolutely beautiful day and the kids had a blast running around the gardens! This was Charli and I's third to last Tuesday playgroup... (And not that every Tuesday isn't special, we are just going to make these last couple of ones even more special!!) I don't even want to think about these next couple of weeks, and how I'm going to be saying goodbye to these lovely ladies and their babies! :(

So instead... Let's think about today and how much fun we had together and enjoy these pictures! :)

"C" for Carrots... or Charli! ;)

 Emrei (the almost birthday girl) tickling Charli's "piggies"! haha!

Picnic time!

Hope your Tuesday has been just as amazing! 

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