Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Update:

Another weekend closer to being back on the East Coast... Can't believe how close it is!

It was an absolutely beautiful sunny (and warm I might add) weekend here in Monterey!

Friday we enjoyed a family date night Happy Hour! Margaritas, sunshine, fire pit  and my beautiful family... Doesn't get any better than that! 

Such a cool little girl!

I forgot all of Charli's snacks and sippy, so she got to drink water from a big cup for the first time! (And she loved it!) 

And she got her first restaurant french fry! 

This weekend was the Sea Otter Classic. Steven raced in it last year and he raced in it again this year! So Saturday was a full day out at Sea Otter, cheering on friends who were racing, walking around, watching Dual Slalom, Down Hill Racing, Trails Stunt Show, and enjoying the 80 degree weather!

After a full day of warm sunshine, fresh air, and lots of walking... It was an early night in the Hall House! We were all in bed before 7:30pm... And it was lovely! 

Sunday morning was Steven's race. Steven and his buddy Kris have been training for a couple of weeks now, and it definitely paid off for the both of them! Out of 70 racers, Kris came in 5th and Steven came in 17th! I was so proud of my hubby! He did amazing! Good job guys and way to go! 

We decided to head down to the beach later this afternoon to soak up some more of the Monterey sunshine! Our friends live right there, so Lauren and her little guy Ryan came down to hang out! It was a perfect way to end the weekend! 

She was completely unsure about the sand... And really didn't like it! haha

She would rather climb all over Daddy instead! 

Hope your weekend was just as fabulous! 

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  1. Way to go, Steven! Wasn't it such a beautiful weekend? I wish the Monterey weather was always this nice!