Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Update:

It was a pretty relaxing, yet fun little weekend in the Hall House!

Friday we had a great little family morning! We went to breakfast, picked up our professional pictures, drove around just soaking up the California coast while we have the chance! (Only 4 more weeks... CRAZY!)

And if you follow me on Instagram, you will see that Friday was Lilly Day 5! 

(Monday morning, it was top news that Lilly Pulitzer had passed away. I was shocked and my heart hurt. She was such an amazing woman, and by far one of my favorite fashion designers. I just love Lilly! So all week I made sure I was wearing some Lilly in honor of her! Charli's Lilly is still too big for her, so I made sure she was in pink and green all week in honor of her!)

Friday afternoon Steven was in a pretty big Golf Tournament, so it was a girls afternoon for Charli and I! What better way to spend a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon, then to go shopping in Carmel! So it was off to our favorite stores... J.Crew and Janie & Jack! (And we did not leave empty handed ;)) And Steven won his golf tournament!!!! Way to go babe! (One proud wifey right here!)

Saturday was a pretty relaxing morning, while daddy went mountain biking with a couple of buddies. (He is racing in the Sea Otter Classic next weekend)
After he got home we watched some of the Masters then headed in to Pacific Grove and met up with our friends Kris and Katy for the 'Good Ol Days Festival'! 

(Side note: I think this is the first time in history that I have forgotten my camera... UGH!! So these are all iphone pics!)

We had an amazing time, walking around, hanging out at the Wine Bar (where we were able to catch more of The Masters!), finding some pretty amazing toys for Charli that were hand made by some local venues, and listening to some great music! 

These boys were maybe all of 12 years old, playing some amazing classic rock music! They were so good too! It was cute!

Saturday night we officially entered into the "Messy Meal" stage with Charli!

And yes, that is a bean on her neck that I didn't notice until later when I found it before bath! HAHAHA!!! 

This was the first time we tried beans (great northern beans), and she loved them!

Sunday was all about golf, golf, and more golf! The Masters Finals! 

So there was a lot of this happening! 

Just watching golf with daddy! Doesn't every baby have a Lilly koozie for their sippy?!

Haha! I love this! My two loves!
(I didn't take one picture with my real camera all weekend... I'm pretty sure that is a first...)

That about sums up our weekend! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend as well! 

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