Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ohhhh the teething days:

Charli has been teething for just about 1 week now. Her fifth tooth cut through yesterday morning, and number 6 is right behind it... (I can see an itty bitty corner poking through). With that being said, you can imagine my kind of week right? 

Charli's first 4 teeth were a walk in the park if you ask me. She showed minor signs (drooling, chewing on hand/thumb) that made me question "Hmmm, I wonder if she's teething?" and then all of a sudden there were 2 teeth at one time... "Oh, so she was teething"! 

Well these little things working their way out right now is a different story... She is cranky most of the day, (which means mommy is cranky), she is irritable, (which means mommy is irritable), all she wants me to do is hold her (which means I can't get anything done around the house). It has just been one rough week for this Momma! 

But look at that face...

How can I be mad or angry or irritable or cranky... She can't help it, or even control it. She is in a lot of pain (I would be cranky and irritable too), and she can't tell me any other way... 
The poor thing just wants her Mommy... I'm sorry baby girl, Mommy wishes she could take all of your pain away :( Hopefully just a couple more days sweet girl! 


  1. Hi Traci! Just hopped over to your blog and we have a 4-legged named Bailey too! Now I'm gonna have to find a picture of yours on here. :) Anyway, Charli is adorable and has a similar story to Drew on the teething. Thank goodness for easy teethers! Hope these two are a fluke and she's back to 'easy' soon! Love the blog and can't wait to follow along!