Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Update:

Steven has been swamped with school/thesis work, and has been pulling all nighters this week. So we were ready for the weekend, and for him to be able to take one day to relax, and unwind! 

Our weekend started out with Charli's 9 month check-up! Home girl weighed in at 22lbs 13oz and was over 29 inches long (96% and 98%)! Needless to say we have a very healthy baby girl on our hands (Praise the Lord)! Our Dr. was so happy with how healthy Charli is and not to mention how many times he told us how cute of a baby she is (yeah, we agree) ;)! 

After Charli's appointment we signed our Lease on our home in Charleston!!!!!!! YES, I said it... We got our home and we couldn't be happier!!! We are so excited for this next chapter in our lives and cannot wait to be close to family and friends! (And P.S. Charli and I only have 18 more days left here... Crazy, I know!)

So after our very exciting morning of signing our lease and having a great Doctor's appointment for our little girl, we hit the road and headed north to Sacramento! We arrived at our hotel late afternoon, and after getting settled in we walked to the baseball stadium (which was just on the other side of the Sacramento river).

This was Charli's very first baseball game! We had such an amazing time, and Go River Cats! ;)

Supporting our Boston! :)

Couldn't get enough of this bridge! Loved it! 

Saturday morning we walked down to the State Capitol. The March of Dimes walk was going on, which was really neat, and our side of the street was completely empty so we were able to walk down the center of the street (pretty cool if you ask me)! 

With the March of Dimes walk going on, there were all sorts of things going on at the Capitol. There was a car show, a band, and other activities. (Again, pretty cool)!

 The Library

We walked around the Capitol and through Capitol Park. We found this orange tree, so of course Steven was tempted to jump for an orange! 

Yes, my man has some mad ups, and of course got an orange! 

After seeing the Capitol, we headed to check out Old Sacramento. 

This was such a neat little town. It looked like something straight out of an old western movie. Most of the shops and restaurants were closed (it felt like a Sunday, because nothing opened until 11). But it was still so much fun just walking around looking at everything! 

Ummm, WHAT?! Serving Sacramento's Best Bloody Mary?! Well if only you were opened so we could have tasted for ourselves... Rude! Don't worry though, we got our amazing Bloody Mary on a boat on the Sacramento River! 

On the boat heading to get our morning cocktails!!!  

So the whole reason for this trip was to see the home where Steven spent a lot of his childhood. Steven lived in Sacramento until he was 6 years old, and then spent the summers in Sacramento until he was 10, so this was one trip that was a must while we were living out here.

7243 Larchmont Drive

After seeing the home we headed to the park that Steven grew up going to! It was amazing hearing him talk about all of these places that he remembered so clearly! It definitely brought back so many memories for him and I am so thankful we were able to make this trip! 

And how random is it, that during the same time Steven lived in Sacramento, I too actually was living in Sacramento! And come to find out, we lived off of the same exit, and only about 10 minutes away from each other! I was only 3 when we moved to Sacramento, and we only lived there for a couple of years, so I really do not remember much of it, but it was also very special to actually drive by the place I once called home! 
9333 Hallenoak Lane 

We were also able to see my very first pre-school!  

After taking a walk down memory lane, it was time for lunch. And where better to go, then to the exact place that my parents used to go and hang out at! Best margaritas in town! (Another random fact: This same restaurant was also one of Steven's Uncle Ed's favorite hang out spot. Small world)! :)
Hacienda Del Rio in Historic Downtown Folsom

And yes these margaritas were amazingly delicious! 

Every baby needs Babiators! 

Folsom Lake & American River

We had an amazing time visiting Sacramento, and it was a very special trip that we will both hold very close to our hearts! 

After spending a great time in the warm 90 degree sunshine, we headed back to cold, gray, and foggy Monterey!  Where as soon as we got home Steven was back doing school work until 4 am (It's like he is back on the ship with all the hours he is putting in) :(

Sunday was filled with more thesis work, running errands, cleaning, organizing, and preparing for our move. Did I mention I will be saying goodbye to Monterey in 18 days?! :(

I hope your weekend was just as memorable and special! :) 

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  1. Looks like a great trip, congrats on the house! See ya this week!