Friday, April 12, 2013

My Beautiful Family:

On Steven and I's anniversary we had a professional photo shoot that had been scheduled for about a month! Our photographer has been there through it all with us and we absolutely love him! He did our "In The Dress" pictures right after we moved here (4 months after we were married), he did our Maternity pictures, Charli's Newborn Pictures, Christmas Pictures, Family Pictures, and now an Easter/Spring/Anniversary shoot! They turned out absolutely amazing like always! I am pretty bummed that we won't be here for Charli's 1 Year pictures (I may or may not have had a bit of a meltdown when I realized KC would not be able to take them for us, because him and his family are very close to our hearts). But at least we will be able to squeeze in one last Photo Shoot before we move! Woohoo!! ;)

The pictures were taken at NPS in the Rose Garden, and the NPS Peacock was out that afternoon! In the 2 years we have been here, this was the first time I have seen it! So I was super excited! haha! And FYI, Charli was absolutely terrified of the baby chick... :( poor thing! haha! 

So here you go... Enjoy! 
(Photography by KC Knoop)


Exhibit A... :( 

My Super handsome hubby! 

Completely normal! Ha!

Aunt Jettie got some shots too!

My husband's better than yours! ;)

Thanks again KC!! Looking forward to May 1!!!! :)

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  1. You are the most photogenic family EVER! I'm going to need this guy's info to get some pictures of us.