Monday, March 13, 2017

The Fort & Friends:

You know those friends who you immediatley form a connection with, and not just you and her, but the husbands too? Well these for those kind of friends, and we met them almost five years ago while we were all stationed in Monterey.

They lived right up the street from us and Kate and I did basically everything together as well as our families... shopping, errands, playgroups, family winery trips, weekend trips like Yosemite, and every Saturday for "Bloody Mary Saturday". She is also the person who got me started with blogging! They were there before we got pregnant with Charli and Kate was actually the very first person to ever meet our Charli Adele {something we will always cherish}. 

Well, in this life, the military calls, the duty stations change, some friendships fade but some remain the same. I am thankful that we never lost touch and have always made an effort to check in on each other. Through the passing years our families have grown, we were able to visit them while they were stationed in Virginia, and now as fate will have it, they are stationed in Florida!! 

So a couple of weeks ago they made their first visit to see us! They made the drive from Tampa and we decided it would be fun to meet them in St. Augustine and have a fun filled day at the Fort, and that's exactly what we did!  

I loved seeing this little tribe together! It has definitely grown from back in our Monterey days but oh how I couldn't love it more! 

After exploring the Fort {and boy did it bring back memories of my childhood and all the field trips I took there}, we walked around Ft. George Street, rode the Trolley around town {of course sipping on to-go boxes of wine that we stashed in our purse... haha!!} and finished off at the park before heading back to our house!

The rest of the evening was filled with so much laughter, memories, stories, and wine... 
lots of wine! ;) And of course Kate and mine's talent is obviously making delectable cheese trays!

Though their trip was short, we couldn't have asked for a better little weekend. Thank you guys for coming to visit us and we can't wait to come to your place next!!

Happy Monday!  

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