Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Chatting with Charli:

*So is Great Daddy like a big old, a medium old, or a little old... because I feel he is a medium old mom.
*I have something stuck in my voice {You mean throat}... I fink I know what I mean mommy, geesh
*{When wanting something} Mommy, I haven't had it in like 16 years... {honey, you haven't even been alive for 16 years... then rolls her eyes at me}
*Wash-a-ma-dryer {washing machine & dryer}
*Mommy, so how does Santa deliver ALL the toys to ALL the people, ALL in one night? {..... magic honey...} "Ok, but mommy, let's talk about this"... {aye aye aye... why does she have to be so logical already...}
*So mommy, how exactly does Santa fit down the chimney? {daddy? you got this one... Because mommy's "magic" answer didn't suffice}
*Santa Rule number 20 16, Do Not pull on his beard... Santa Rule number 21, Do Not ride his reindeer... Santa Rule number 20 19, Have a Merry Christmas... And that is all the Santa Rule's bubba. 
*Well, my daddy is magical, and he can do ANYTHING! 
*Bubba, use your manners... That's not polite... Oh bro-va
*Only when you have something wrong with you and you go to the doctor is when the doctor can give you a diagnoses. {nana: that is exactly right... so doctor charli do you have any diagnoses} I think mommy has a case of wine-syndrome.... And I think nana has a case of old-a-sitis. Bubba has a case of falling-sitis. {literally we couldn't stop laughing.... annnnnnnnd we were drinking wine. well ya nailed that one on the head Chuck! haha!}
*{yelling from outside} Mommy... Bubba pooped in the grass... {then yelling at Crew} Bubba you don't poop in the grass like a dog. You poop in the potty like a human... Oh bro-va.
*Mommy, when will I be an adult? At 10? {No honey}... At Eleven-teen? {No honey}... 16? {no sweetie}... At 21? {Yes, at 21 you will be an adult.}... gosh, thats in like forever... {well honey, you don't need to worry about being an adult for a very long time. You need to enjoy every bit of being a kid, ok sweetie}... Ok mommy, I love you!
*{telling someone about Crew} I know, he is just getting so big now. He is such a big boy. He is not even like a baby anymore. He is just our sweet big boy. He sleeps like a big boy in his big boy bed, he wears big boy underwear ALL the time and is just so good at using the potty {giggles} I just can't even believe it. {seriously, is our kid 4 or 40??}
*Mommy, today has been the best day, of all days. 

Oh sweet Charli Adele, your intelligence sure keeps us on our toes, but I hope you don't ever stop asking questions! Continue being the best you you can be! 

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