Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Refresh: Arhaus Project:

Happy Monday & Happy First Day of Spring!! 

I think it is safe to say we are all ready for warmer days and Spring like weather & to officially put winter behind us. From family & friends out West who dealt with a lot of snow and frigid temps to family & friends along the East Coast who got dumped with snow last week from the Nor'easter and more below average temperatures coming this week {that was us 2 years ago, and snow lingering in April is no bueno}. I think we would all just like to thaw out!

So when Arhaus mentioned they were gearing up for National Spring Refresh Day and a "Spring Refresh Project" they had in mind, there was no hesitation on my end to join right in! Spring is definitely on the brain and it has me day dreaming of being beach side or pool side as I type {because yes, even in Florida this morning it is chilly! ;)} 

There are some key staples that you will always find in and around our home every year at Springtime... Tulips, soft blue's, greenery, and anything fresh! For this project I focused on the Kitchen as it can be an area a lot of people tend to not focus on "decorating", especially for seasons. So I thought a few fun tips might have you sprucing up your kitchen on this first day of Spring! 

Nothing screams Refresh like a crisp, clean, clutter free area am I right. I don't like the feel of a cluttered kitchen so I tend to not have a lot of things on my countertops. So you will see that you can freshen up this space with very little. 

Fresh flowers is always my first go-to item. Having fresh flowers in our home year around is something I tend to do but nothing has a hold on fresh flowers during the Spring Time... And Tulips... They are my all time favorite flower and probably the only flower you would ever see in our home during this time of year! But don't think you can't use faux flowers as well. I am all for a mixture of using fresh and faux in your home {mainly because I can't keep anything alive, well besides my humans that is!}

Tying your breakfast nook or dining room into your kitchen always makes for a great statement as well. You will see here that I continued with a simple white pitcher and tulips that really brings the rooms together. I love how fresh and beautiful a simple touch can be to a room. Adding simple chargers, napkins, and napkin rings to finish off the look of a set table is a detail I will always do. I love how elegant a set table looks and how it truly finishes off a space. Even our four year old gets it honest... She will freak out if there are no chargers on the table haha! She is in charge of setting the table for dinner each night and she told her daddy "tables are supposed to look fancy, we need chargers for our plates daddy"... haha. 

If you are in the market for a new dining table or kitchen table to spruce up your space, then head on over and check out Arhaus Dining & Kitchen Tables page. 

Using fresh {or faux} fruit is also one of my favorite design elements. Fruit is something we always have in our home and it is something I always have on display so it is ready for the kids to snack on whenever they please. Adding those pops of color for Spring just feels good too! Not only is it a nutritious element but it is aesthetically pleasing! So throw some lemons or apples in a bowl and call it a day! ;)

Adding succulents is another great way to bring the outdoors in and such a simple way to spruce up a tiny space! I love the pop of green it adds in the kitchen with the apples, limes, and flower stems. 

 My last quick tip for a Spring Refresh is a simple change out of your hand soap. It is such a small change but something so inviting. Mrs. Meyers is one of my favorite products thanks to my mom and adding a fresh scent like this Lemon Verbena will just make you feel good. It is so fresh and clean and I even love the little pop of color the green label gives! 

I hope you enjoyed this little Spring Refresh and these simple tips to refresh your home!
Lets say goodbye to Winter and Hello to Spring!

*Disclosure: all opinions & styling tips are my own

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