Friday, March 3, 2017

Little Talbot & Big Talbot Island:

We took advantage of some beautiful weather a couple of weekends ago and a day off that daddy had and decided to do something fun with the kids. It is so easy on the weekends to do our every week yard work or house work {home ownership problems, right} or just go see Nana & Papa or friends. Instead, we packed a picnic and surprised the kids with catching the Ferry and headed across the river to take them to a special beach that I grew up going to!  

We spent the afternoon at Little Talbot Island State Park, just the 4 of us. It was truly perfect, peaceful, and everything we needed! Life has been crazy busy, between Steven's looooooong hours at work, my crazy up & down health as usual {I had a 3 week span of Doctor Appts, being at the Hospital almost every day, MRI's, CT Scans, Ultrasounds, over 30 tubes of blood drawn, Colonoscopy, Biopsies... Seriously, you name it, it was done} so yeah, some quiet, relaxing family time was in order.

We picnicked, we laughed, and we took in a truly happy day with our babies. Steven and I at one point were laying on the blanket watching the kids chase the birds & find treasures and we just looked at each other and he said "I am so happy, thank you for this beautiful family" and I said "no, thank you"

Sometimes we just need to stop, pick up some sticks, put our feet in the sand, and take in this wonderful life around us! 

That same week the kids and I headed to Big Talbot Island State Park for a special play date with some amazing friends. Big Talbot is also known as Boneyard Beach. It is famous for the salt-washed live oak & cedar tree skeletons that once grew near the shore. If you are in the Jacksonville area and have never been you truly are missing out. I have very fond memories on these beaches as a little girl with my family and I hope our children grow up with the same amazing memories as well. 

So here's to another weekend with family & making as many memories as we can! 
Happy Friday! 

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