Friday, September 30, 2016

Catching Moments: {38/52}:

*Let's Play House...
Playing with her Critters & Log Cabin is by far Charli's favorite thing to do. I find her in her room throughout the day just sitting, playing, and making up the most imaginative lives for these little critter families {seriously adorable}! When Bubs is napping she can usually con me into coming in and laying on the ground with her and playing with them. Here, she said the mommy otter was reading the newspaper just like Nana does! 

*My little Handy Man...
It's never too early to start em young, am I right! He is just picking up where daddy left off! Crew loves walking around with his tools, but mommy has to keep a watchful eye on this dude and make sure he isn't smashing walls like I have caught him doing! I sure will love the day when I have two handy men in my life!! ;) If he is anything like his daddy when he gets older he will be able to build his mommy all sorts of goodies! Lucky me!  

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