Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Charli's Chapter: My First Soccer Practice:

The day had arrived
September Ninth
A day mommy dreamed of
For all of her life

So now it's my turn 
To be just like her
Run, Kick, and Dribble
And learn about Soccer

My very first practice
Was an absolute blast
I had so much fun
And can't wait to go back! 

a note from mommy:

If you know me well than you know just how excited I was to have our first child officially start Soccer! I have been dreaming and waiting for this day since as long as I can remember! I started playing Soccer at around the age of 3 and played for 16 years straight {non stop, throughout the year}; between School Ball, Rec Ball, Traveling Teams, you name it. I made all Conference and All District in High School and was asked to play at the University of North Florida {which I ended up politely declining}. Soccer was my passion, it was my love, and it still is! Steven has even recently tried to see if I still have it in me and I schooled him {sorry honey ;)}. 

Charli had been asking to play Soccer for a while too so I was even more excited knowing that she might be following in my footsteps! Her very first practice went so good. She did absolutely amazing, listened to everything her coach had to say, did her drills, and they had a little scrimmage at the end. One thing I noticed about Charli that I pointed out to Steven while at practice was that her love for running sure did show. She was the ONLY kid on her team that ran the entire scrimmage. Not one time did she stop. While all the other kids would be walking or standing, there was our Charli running after the ball. Her energy, determination, and heart will take her so far in this sport along with every single thing she does in this world! We cannot wait to watch her succeed into the little Soccer Star we know she is!

Here are some shots I got from Practice:

And we can't forget about Charli's Cheering Section... Although this was the only time Crew actually sat down because he was eating... Other than that he was trying to run onto the field. Thank goodness daddy got to be there and could run around after him! haha! 


  1. These pictures, SO GOOD! Glad she did so well!

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