Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Coping with Crohn's: An Attack of Acute Pancreatitis:

I realized I have not posted anything about my health since recovering from my surgery last year mainly because it is honestly something I do not like to focus on. I deal with struggles every single day and most days my health is a real negative and it could get real annoying if I was constantly posting about how bad I feel, so I try to spare everyone except for those closest to me. What I choose to focus on is our children, on happy times, on times I do feel good, and that is what I choose to share with all of you! But, at the end of the day, this is me... I am sick, I am not your average 31 year old woman so for today I choose to share this side with you...

As most of you know I was rushed to the Emergency Room at the start of Labor Day Weekend {and trust me, it takes A LOT to get me to the hospital}. I have a very high pain tolerance when it comes to my stomach as I deal with constant stomach pain on a daily basis. On a good day I'm at about a 3 on the pain scale. So being rushed to the ER sent all of my family into a panic because they know I won't ever go when I really should. Thankfully, at a week later, I am back to my {new} normal self and praying it continues!


I woke up that Saturday morning with such severe stomach pain that I was throwing up uncontrollably and couldn't keep water down. My pain was so bad that I could not stand up straight and our poor babies who are so used to seeing mommy so sick and in so much pain grabbed my arms as I was crying, walking back to the bed, saying "it's ok mommy, I got you, I got you". 

The pain in my stomach got so intense that it moved up into my chest causing me to not be able to breathe with a burning sensation in my back. Something I have never felt before. At that moment we knew what we needed to do and where I needed to be... The Hospital. My brother called some friends who work in the ER and they were at the door waiting for me to arrive when I walked in. They had a room ready for me and took me straight back and got to work {thank you again to my brother}. My parents took the kids so Steven could be by my side through it all... EKG, Chest X-Ray, Ultrasound, Blood Work, more Blood Work, CT Scan, Hida Scan, you name it it was done. 

I spent all of Labor Day Weekend in the hospital {wooooo... yay...} not able to eat. I was finally diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis with an unknown cause. You see, unfortunately for me between my disease, my medications, and no longer having 90% of my colon I am at risk for a plethora of things. They don't know if maybe this is a side effect from all of my meds, or maybe because my organs have to work overtime in the digestive track... My team of Doctors are getting to the bottom of it and figuring out if I may need surgery. All I can say is I am thankful to be home, to be feeling better, and I am just praying it doesn't happen again.

Thank you again for all of the prayers it truly means the world to me!


  1. Oh goodness, how scary! So glad you were able to get right in at the hospital and you didn't have to wait and now you are feeling better! And even though it is heart breaking to have your children say "they got you", you are raising such kind, loving children and it warms my heart to hear them say that to you. We, as parents, are so used to taking care of our children, but it's so sweet to hear them take care of you, in their own sweet way.

  2. Oh lady. I hate reading about this. Hopefully it doesn't happen again and it was just a fluke! Sending tons of love and prayers.