Monday, September 19, 2016

Britax: ClickTight Review:

It is Child Passenger Safety Month and with little babes to keep safe I was all in when asked to participate with BritaxCity Moms Blog Network, and Jacksonville Moms Blog for a Car Seat Event. Unfortunately due to my Health I was unable to attend the event in person but because Jax Moms Blog is so amazing they kept me in the loop with everything going on at the party {thank you again!} while I rested at home. 

The event was to introduce the moms to the new Britax Advocate ClickTight car seat and Anti-Rebound Bar. This car seat is not only amazing, but so simple to use, and in three easy steps you know your child is as safe as can be. The Advocate ClickTight uses the cars seatbelt instead of car seat latches, whether the seat is rear facing or forward facing. You turn ClickTight Key to open, You place the seatbelt through & Connect, and Click it down to close. 
With those three easy steps the seat is as stable and secure as it should be. 

It is crazy to think of the statistics when it comes to our children's carseats. The fact that 96% of parents think they are actually installing it properly when only 3 out of 4 really are. The Advocate ClickTight Installation System gives you a safe & easy installation every time, so you are certain your little one is safe and well protected! 

Something new that Britax has released and showcased at the party is the Anti-Rebound Bar. This is a padded steel bar accessory you can purchase that attaches to the foot-end of the ClickTight car seat and is used only when rear-facing. It is designed to manage rebound or reactive motion in the opposite direction of impact during a collision. In their findings, the ARB reduces rebound rotation by 40% and stabilizes the car seat during frontal, rear-end, and side impact crashes. 

If you are currently in the market for a new car seat I would highly recommend this! And right now, during the month of September, Britax is holding an All About Baby Safety Event, where select products {car seats being one} are on sale for up to 25% off!! 

So hurry, you won't want to miss out!
Happy Shopping! 

Thank you again to BritaxCity Moms Blog Network, and Jacksonville Moms Blog
I promise I will make the next event! ;)

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  1. I decided to buy this top of the line car seat for both of my kids. They feel very safe but they are definitely bulky. I like the extra side impact cushions by the head. There is an extra piece of cushion that I think is meant for the back but we never used it. Selina | Britax Marathon 2016