Monday, July 25, 2016

Charli's Enchanted Tea Party:

And just like that her Birthday Week is over! 
Though there is still much to celebrate as we are now into my Birthday Week!! ;)

We had so much fun celebrating Charli all week long and it all came to a close as we finished it off with her Enchanted Tea Party. Her party truly was as magical as I thought it would be and Charli loved every single detail I put into it {that child truly is mine... haha}. I can't tell you how many times I heard her say "Mommy, this is so fancy & fabulous and I love it all!". And that my friends is exactly why I love throwing them such special celebrations. Seeing the way she lit up as it all came together, and even more so as her friends started to arrive. 

I had decided on doing a Tea Party for her 4th Birthday just after we celebrated her Third. Though I didn't have every detail planned I knew it would be the perfect kind of celebration for our little girl {and it was, more than I even imagined it would be}. My plan was to use the China that is being passed down to me from my Nana to make her party even more special. I knew it might have been difficult getting it from the West Coast in time so I am thankful I had a back up! While we were living in Newport I found the most amazing Porcelain China Tea Set. It's A Princess House Exclusive and I scored the entire set for $10!! We lived next door to this beautiful mansion and the woman living there had an enormous Estate Sale which is where I found it {I may or may not have walked through picking up many items for the 4 days it was going on... ;)}

Charli's love for fairies, the garden, flowers, and anything princess related gave me the idea to put the twist of doing an "Enchanted" Tea Party and that my friends is where all the planning began and her party came to life!! 

I made the flower crowns as well

One special added touch I love doing for their birthdays that I have done every single year is displaying not only their Birthday Pictures that I took but doing one picture from every month of that year to see just how much they grow! Charli always loves her "Birthday Mantel" !

I set up the food inside instead of on the "Tea Party" table because of how humid & hot it is here.

I kept it very simple since we had her party mid-morning; A Yogurt Bar, Mimosas for The Mommy's {and other adults ;)}, Little triangle Egg Salad Sandwiches {one of Charli's favorite things}, my fresh Strawberry & Blue Cheese Crumble Salad, Grape Skewers, Biscotti Biscuits, Fresh Macaroons from the Bakery, Cake, Cupcakes, and little Meringue's {lots of little sweets that we paid for later... hahaha}.  

I set her Tea Party table up outside under our huge Live Oak to give it a nice enchanted feel. My dad brought over some pallet wood and I used my Grandmother & Great Grandmother's lace tablecloths to drape over them. I loved the added touch of the silk floral garland I made to use as the table runner centerpiece.  

The kids loved every bit of it! We made their plates, they all sat down, and they looked & acted like such little well mannered adults. It was adorable! 

I walked around and served them all their ice cold tea {because let's be honest, it's too hot here to be drinking hot tea...}. They loved how I was talking to them too 
"Oh would you care for some tea Madam? How about for you Sir!"

They were all so sweet sitting their chatting with each other sipping on their tea and eating their goodies! Seriously the cutest thing ever!

Charli made it clear several times to me "no babies allowed" hahaha. Poor Crew felt so left out that when the big kids were done he and Nana went over for their own little private party and it was ridiculously cute!

After playing inside and out, jumping in the bounce house, and opening presents. It was time to sing Happy Birthday one more time to our Birthday Girl!! 

 Thank you again to all of her little friends for making Charli's Birthday so incredibly special! We love each and every one of you! 

Happy Monday!


  1. Such a cute theme for a birthday party!!! Love all of the little details! And I love that little boys were invited, too!

  2. So precious. Your parties are always so beautiful!

  3. If I would come to this city again, I would be all over these New York venues. We ordered Spinach artichoke dip at the server's suggestion and it was absolutely delicious.