Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Charli Adele: Four Year Update:

Four years have flashed by
In the blink of an eye
Some days we just want
To sit down and cry

But watching you grow
And learn and explore
Is something we love
So much more

You're the best big sister
To your little brother Crew
He loves, adores
And looks up to you

Though there are days
We'd like to keep you little forever
Watching you grow up
Is even better! 

Happy Birthday to our beautiful FOUR year old! 
It is crazy the emotions I feel each and every year on our children's birthdays. As I flashback and remember how sick I was laying in the hospital bed, the pain, yet the overwhelming feeling of love and joy as we saw their sweet precious faces for the very first time. There truly is no greater gift and something we are so incredibly grateful for.

From the moment we met you Charli, you lit up our world in an unbelievable way. One that is truly indescribable. Because of you, we are a Mommy & Daddy. You truly have the sweetest little soul and I pray that it never changes. We hear it from family, friends & even strangers. Something in your heart speaks to every person you meet. With that sweet soul comes a very strong willed personality. You are a Leader my child and we know you will do great things as you continue to grow. You are compassionate, silly, feisty, loving, caring, extremely intelligent, pretty athletic, and incredibly cautious. We pray you continue to be exactly who you want to be and that no matter what your love for your family and friends will always outweigh everything else.  

Happy Birthday Baby girl! 

Charli's Stats:
*Height: 3.75 FEET {aka: just shy of 4 FEET or 45 INCHES}
*Weight: 47 LBS
*Clothes: Anywhere between a 3T and 6 {the 3T's are ones she can somehow manage to still fit into that are in her closet, we purchase her all 5 & 6 stuff when buying new clothes}
*Sleep: Bedtime: 7:30PM- 6:45AM {Charli is and has always been our morning person. It does not matter what time she goes to bed... 6:45AM hits the clock and it is rise & shine for that little girl}.
Nap: 1PM - 3PM. She rarely takes naps but still has a 2 hour quiet time while Crew sleeps. Depending on the previous days activities she might actually snooze, but I am incredibly thankful she will still lay quiet in her bed for 2 hours. She is allowed books, her tablet, and a couple of toys {only if she wants} and she stays put until I come get her. 
*Social: Our little socialite! Charli could make a friend with a brick, I love her! She is so caring and compassionate when it comes to her friends. She is a social little butterfly, talks and plays with everyone, includes everyone, never lets anyone feel left out, and is truly the life of the party. She absolutely loves school, play dates, shopping, running errands, and doing anything with family & friends! 
*Some Favorites: Some of Charli's favorite things include; Bath Time, Eating, Snacking, Playing, Butterflies, Flowers, Princesses, Fairies, Anything Garden or Outdoor related, going to Nana & Papa's, her Uncle Yaya & Uncle Dodo, her friends, the list goes on. 

And of course, the Birthday Survey! I started doing this last year {it was something I wanted to start doing at age 3 with our children}, so you can check out her last year's Birthday Survey and check out what has changed & what has stayed the same! 

*Favorite Color: Pink & Purple
*What do you want to be when you grow up? A Mom
*Who is your favorite pet? Bailey {sorry Boges... You got it last year!}
*Favorite Animal: Giraffe 
*Favorite Food: Pasta
*What is your favorite thing to have for Breakfast? "Nana's Favorite Things" {Belvita Breakfast Bisquits}
*What is your favorite thing to have for Lunch? Turkey & Cheese roll ups
*What is your favorite thing to have for Dinner? Taco Tuesday
*Favorite Drink: "Charli's wine because it's special" {hahaha, thanks Aunt Hannah!... Disclaimer: it is Sparkling grape Juice}
*Who is your Best Friend? Ryan
*Favorite Toy: Paw Patrol
*What is your favorite thing to do? Painting
*Favorite Show: Paw Patrol
*Favorite Holiday: Christmas
*What is your favorite thing to wear? Lilly Plinta {Lilly Pulitzer} & My Anchor Dress

We still can't believe you are four sweet girl!
Mommy, Daddy & Bubba love you so much!

Happy Birthday!


  1. She is precious!!!!!!!!!!! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  2. Gosh, these pictures are the cutest! Happy Birthday Charli!!!