Thursday, July 21, 2016

Charli's Fourth Birthday:

Good Morning & Happy Thursday Friends! 

A certain little princesses Birthday Week continues {because you know that's what we do around here}! We are gearing up for the most adorable and special Birthday Party and I can't tell you how excited our little four year old is! She also only asked about 973 times on her birthday when her friends would be arriving for her party... {oh the joy's of explaining to a 4 year old that yes, it is in fact your birthday, but no it is not your birthday "party"}... It was fun, let me tell you! 

We still can't believe our baby girl is the big Four. She has been making sure to let us know too... "Mommy, I can get that for you because I am FOUR now"... Oh, Ok! ;) I was a blubbering mess when I woke up on Tuesday. Daddy surprised Charli by being able to come back home from work for about 15 minutes right as she was waking up so we could get her out of bed together and sing to her {and yes you read that correctly... He was already at work... His day starts around 4:45am-5am... Bless that man!}. We sang to her, she got special Gluten Free Donuts for breakfast that I made, and we watched a couple of videos I had made from when she was born through her first year {it is a tradition we watch them every year on their birthdays}. 

I had a few special things in mind that I wanted to do for our Birthday Girl to make her day special but unfortunately I got sick and had a horrible migraine. On top of that, I got a call that I needed to be home for a delivery {and of course they didn't come in the window they gave me but 2 hours later}.
I felt so awful that I wasn't feeling well and now couldn't leave the house.
Thankfully her Best Friend came to the rescue! They were able to come over and play which made her day and continued her best birthday ever as Charli stated {thanks again Lauren!}. They played, danced, sang, and ran around in the sprinkler until their little hearts were content! 

Though I had some fun things I wanted to do for her special day and I so disappointed that I couldn't she honestly didn't even care. Children are so resilient and I am so thankful that as Charli has grown she understands mommy is sick and can't always do things. Yes, it breaks my heart like you wouldn't believe but I am also thankful they can truly find the joy in such simple things in life! Sometimes we need to stop and be a little more like them. Charli said she had the best day... she loves being at home, not having to go anywhere, she got a super special breakfast that she never gets, she played with friends, and Nana & Papa were coming over later... What more do you need! 

Our evening was simple and spent as a family. Nana & Papa came over, I made her favorite dinner Taco Tuesday, she got to open so many fun presents, we sang to her again, and we ate the yummiest cake! 

It was a perfectly simple 4th birthday at home and we couldn't have asked for anything more! 

Here's to continuing her Birthday Week & to all the Birthday celebrations this weekend! 
We love you Charli Adele!

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  1. Your family is so so precious. I am glad to hear that she had a good day and I truly hope you are feeling better too!