Sunday, May 22, 2016

Catching Moments: {20/52}:

*Water Baby...
Both of our babies have always loved the water {bath, pool, beach, sprinkler, rain, hose} but Crew takes it to a whole new level. Charli is our cautious creature and always has been. She will be hesitant, or make sure something is safe before she does it. Crew, nope, nada... We are pretty sure he thrives on fear and tries to drown himself and he thinks it is hilarious... Lord help me & bring more wine! This shot was from Crew enjoying a full day at Nana & Papa's pool!

*My Little Photographer...
Charli is my full blown mini me; her traits, her personality, being OCD, organized, a clean freak, and super cautious. But one thing that makes my heart soar is her true love for photography at such a young age! This little girl has her camera in hand all day every day, and if she forgets it she will improvise with whatever she can find so she can take pictures! 
"Mommy, did you see that? Well don't worry I got a great pic-cha for you. It is so beautiful I can't even believe it". Oh sweet precious, I hope you always have a passion for photos & capturing beautiful things! 

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  1. Aw so sweet! Maybe one day she'll be a blogger herself!