Sunday, December 20, 2015

Rudy Rudy The Reindeer:

On the night before we Moved we made sure to tell Charli that she needed to let Jingle know she was going to have a new house so he knew where to fly that next day. Well, on the day we got our keys Charli found Jingle upon walking into our new home but he had one very special surprise waiting with him... 

He brought his reindeer for Charli and Crew! 

We sat on the floor in our empty Family Room and read the story about this Reindeer Tradition! The story behind the Elf Pet is that all the love and hugs the children give it the more magic the reindeer gets so that on Christmas Eve the reindeer can help Santa's sleigh fly! 

Charli was beside herself and both Charli and Crew immediately started to hug and kiss on her (yes Charli said it was a her). We had to give her a name and Charli decided on "Rudy Rudy"!

So welcome to the family Rudy Rudy! 

Happy Sunday! 

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