Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Jingle The Elf:

Happy December One
All things Christmas has officially begun! 

Jingle arrived to kick off the Christmas Season and all of our little Christmas traditions! 
We are still in between our move from Newport which means all of our household goods are still up north in storage. Somehow though, through all of the boxes and all of the bins, Jingle managed to find his way out and flew down to Florida for the kids! It's Christmas Magic I tell you (or a second was purchased when realizing the above), either way he is back and ready for fun! 

The morning after Jingle arrived daddy read the book to Charli as we have done every year on his first visit back. I walked out with high hopes to see the most excited little girl because Jingle was here (Crew was still asleep) I in fact got quite the opposite which threw us all for a loop. As she sat there and rolled her eyes, she exclaimed "it's just an Elf on a Shelf Mommy". Ummm... (insert gasp and state of shock that our 3 year old just said that. Like she is THREE... No)

The past few days with Jingle have been interesting to say the least. Crew loves finding him and then pointing to him, while one minute Charli is telling us she does not like Jingle because he is scary (I mean kind of, I get it), to then talking to him and telling us she loves him and he is so silly because he can fly. Aye yai yai girlfriend. 

All I can say is Welcome back Jingle and good luck this year! 


  1. LOVE this! You are such a good mama to get a second!

  2. For this exact reason, im hesitant of the Elf on the Shelf. Every kid at school seems to have one at home. What if my school elf acts differently? Or what if some kids dont believe? Or what if through my class, they realize that their elf is exactly the same as all of their friends? Seems to touchy for me. I think im going to try kindness elves with Row. Have you heard of them?