Monday, December 21, 2015

Oh Christmas Tree:

Merry Christmas week friends!
 There are so many reasons why I love this time of year and celebrating this wonderful holiday, but one thing that will always stand true is how happy, warm, and inviting a Christmas Tree makes your house feel during this season! 
After we received the keys to our house, 4 days before the movers got here with our household goods, we bought our Christmas tree for our new home. It was the only thing in our house and it brought us so much joy knowing we would get to celebrate Christmas within these walls! 
Amongst the boxes and the unpacking we decorated our tree for Christmas 
(with the help of my best friend, thank you again Christie)! 

(Our Charleston and Newport ornaments. Our Monterey/NPS ones broke from when our Christmas tree fell a couple of years ago...)

And a few new ones that adorn our tree this year... The first 2 ornaments that we received as gifts from Charli that she made in school and the two that the kids made while we were in Gig Harbor 
(Crew's hand print and Charli's masterpiece painting and her name that she can write all by herself!)

I love how much both children love looking at our beautiful Christmas tree! Crew just points to it saying "wow" while Charli likes to point out every ornament that she thinks is so special and all the ones from when she was a "teeny tiny baby!" (as she likes to say)

Oh Christmas Tree, you are definitely special if you ask me! 

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  1. Beautiful tree!! There is nothing that makes your home feel more cozy than a Christmas tree. Bummer about the broken ornaments, :( I hope you can find some replacements!! And the kids' ornaments are the BEST!! I love getting them from school!