Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015:

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

We will always cherish and remember this Christmas for so many reasons. The combination of both Charli and Crew's ages right now made everything oh so magical and it being our very first Christmas in our home here in Jacksonville just added to it. Living back home also meant we were here with all of our family and friends making everything truly special! 

Of course it wasn't all perfect and didn't go exactly how I had planned in my head... Crew unfortunately woke up incredibly sick Christmas Eve morning with a high fever and puked all.day.long. Steven rushed him to the Doctor before they closed as I started throwing up and Charli spiked a fever. After multiple loads of laundry, disinfecting the house, and multiple baths for everyone, we thankfully were able to pull it together and managed to make it to Christmas Eve Dinner at my parents.

Crew went straight to bed (in our room) after we got home while Charli got to set out milk and cookies for Santa and read The Night Before Christmas. It broke our hearts that Crew was so sick and couldn't participate in some of our most favorite Christmas traditions. We were just praying he would be feeling better in the morning and we knew we would be in for a long night with him in our room   (he basically slept upright on me all night long...)

But at least Santa made it ;)

Christmas morning Crew still had a fever but was acting more like himself. My parents arrived (in jammies and all) ready to watch the babes walk out of their rooms and see the pure magic of Christmas all over their little faces! Oh the joy and the squeals we heard as they walked out! I could relive that morning over again and it be just as magical as the first time! I am so happy my parents could be there to witness it! 

We sipped on our coffee and let Charli and Crew go to town! They sure were spoiled and we loved every minute of watching them open up and play with all their presents! I loved watching Charli help her brother or show him how to rip open the paper and I loved the squeals of excitement from Crew at the sight of a box that he had no clue what it even was. 

After breakfast, Nana and Papa told them they had one last surprise waiting for them outside. 

Can we say amazing!
This thing is insane. Working radio, flood lights, and all! The kids haven't stopped driving it and playing with it. Charli is hilarious driving it, doesn't pay any attention to where she is going, just stares at us waving and saying "HIIIIIIII"! She has already ran into a bush and ran over her brother as he opened the door and fell out. haha! 
(Yep, hi, we are your new neighbors!)

The rest of the morning was quiet and relaxing. My parents headed out and made their rounds to see family (we stayed back as we didn't want to spread any germs to my Grandmother or anyone else). One thing I remember growing up was that Christmas was always so busy. We went to 4 different houses and did "Christmas" at all of them. As much as I loved it and cherish all those wonderful memories I am kind of glad we didn't have to do that with our little ones. That we could stay put and in our jammies almost all day and they could play with all of their new toys for as long as they wanted! 

It truly was a wonderful Christmas and they were spent!

 We hosted my parents for Christmas Dinner (we kept it to just them since the kids still weren't back to 100%) and had a truly lovely evening. We watched the kids play with all of their new toys, even Nana drove the Jeep, and were sad to see Christmas had come and gone. 

We had my brother in law and his fiancée over for a second Christmas Dinner on Sunday since they were out of town for Christmas. The kids had a blast playing with their Uncle Yaya and Aunt Sarah, opening up more gifts, while we sipped on a festive signature cocktail for the evening and talked the night away!

We truly had a wonderful first Christmas in our new home and hope everyone enjoyed their holiday with their loved ones as well! xoxo

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