Thursday, October 1, 2015

October One:

Happy October Friends! 

I'm not sure how October got here so fast but it did, and to be completely honest I have been ready for it for some time. Probably because it means it's our last full month that Steven is away. Whatever the reason I am just so excited to be back home and able to celebrate the holidays with all of my family and friends and to take our babies to all of the fun and festive places I grew up going to!

So I wanted to kick off the month by sharing some festive Halloween decor! We are currently living with my parents as we are in between our moves and I have been itching to start decorating again. If you know me or have been following along long enough then you know my passion and love for decorating. Thankfully my mom and I have almost the exact same taste (with just about everything) and she loves my style so it was a no brainer for her to give me full reign this year and decorate until my little heart is content! 

And well, that my friends is what I have done 
I started decorating on October One! 

*I free handed the pumpkin in about 10 seconds on the chalkboard and made the Bat Branches again this year! 

*Notice the pillows... See we have the Same Style! Though I will be stealing her pumpkin plaid pillows when we move since they are what I wanted last year but they were sold out EVERYWHERE! ;)

Happy Decorating! 


  1. I just love seeing how you decorate for the various seasons and holidays. Love the web/netting on the mantle. :)

  2. I always enjoy your decoration posts; you, your mom, and I have the same style. I would easily move your decorations to my house. (I'm so glad to hear that hubby will be home soon!)

  3. Your decorations seriously rock... I need to just copy everything basically.