Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The 240th U.S. Navy Birthday Ball:

{A Cinda-lella Story}

One evening, as I laid in bed with Charli, I told her I would be flying on an airplane to go see Daddy.  I told her that Daddy would be taking mommy to a Navy Ball. 
Upon hearing this Charli sprang up as fast as she could, eyes as big as ever, mouth wide opened, as she exclaimed... 
"Mommy, you are going to be Cinda-lella?"
After hearing the most adorable thing ever, I told her "Well I guess you could say that". Charli immediately started to climb out of bed stating "We need to go to the punkin patch mommy, we need to get you a punkin to take to daddy so you can have a wide (ride) to the Ball". I couldn't help but smile and laugh at this sweet girl as she truly thought her mommy was going to be Cinderella. I told her to lay back down and we continued to talk. She told me I would be the "most pwettiest Cinda-lella eva" and that I could dance all night with Pwince Daddy if I wanted to! 

Charli was adamant though that I get a "punkin" and she was devastated that we didn't go to the "punkin patch". I put her mind at ease as I told her that Prince Daddy would make sure that Mommy got a pumpkin and would have the most perfect ride to the Ball! 

 *Charli was beside herself when I showed her this picture! ;) 

{Now on to my trip to DC and the Navy Ball}


Yesterday, October 13th we celebrated the Navy's 240th Birthday!
Happy Birthday Navy!

In honor of this very special occasion Steven flew me up to the DC area on Friday to attend the Navy Ball! Steven had been up in Virginia for training for 6 weeks and graduated that Friday so we thought what better way to celebrate! I was so excited for several reasons; I was getting to see my man, I was finally getting to go to my very first Navy Ball (I have attended a Winter Ball, A Marine Corps Ball, and a Navy Dining Out, but never an actual Navy Ball), and we were going to see some good friends of ours who were stationed in Charleston with us! I was ready for a fun weekend! 

I flew into Baltimore and Steven and I kept reminiscing about the last time I had flown into that same airport. I was a young 24 year old coming to see a boy who I liked (he was in training in Virginia then too) and it was the weekend we officially started dating! 

Upon arriving to Baggage Claim I was greeted by my now husband standing in the exact spot he was waiting for me 6 years ago with again flowers in hand! 

We stayed at the Gaylord National Resort in National Harbor and had an amazing view! 

We grabbed a bite to eat Friday evening and called it an early night because I was unfortunately really sick. Though we were hoping to stay out and enjoy our time together we laughed because going to bed at 7PM and getting a straight 13 hours of sleep was AAAAAAAmazing and kind of better then staying up late (#parentlife)

We woke up Saturday morning and grabbed breakfast, along with an all you can drink/build your own Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar while watching football! 

And then it was time for the main event...
The 240th U.S. Navy Birthday Ball

We sat at an amazing table with friends, had good food, drank good wine, were given the coolest Challenge Coins as keep sakes, met so many wonderful Admirals, and even met and spoke one on one with the Chief of Navy Operations (CNO)
It truly was a night to remember and one for the books indeed.  

Thank you Steven for serving our country for the past 17 1/2 years and for all that you sacrifice for our family. I had an absolute blast at my first ever Navy Ball!

 So much so that I felt Sauvignon BLAH the entire next day as we drove from DC to Florida ;)

Happy Birthday Navy!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is the sweetest story ever!! You looked stunning at the ball :)

  2. Charli is the cutest! What a sweet girl. And you two are a stunning couple! Gorgeous woman.

  3. This is the sweetest, I love the pumpkin story! You look beautiful!

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