Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Crew's First Steps:

Today our sweet boy turned 14 months old! 
He is doing so much these days and learns something new every day. He finally has 8 teeth and is a bottom less pit when it comes to eating and milk (the kid drinks 2 gallons a week by himself) and yes I am still nursing (just at night though). He is a milk machine I tell you. He can do "ittsy bittsy spider", he knows what a pirate says, where his nose, mouth, and hair is, and so much more! We still can't help but to compare him to Charli at this age and how far behind he seems compared to her (but she was off the charts early with EVERYTHING). Though it is taking him a little longer we wouldn't have him any other way.

 But yesterday, at 13 months 29 days, our big boy decided he was going to surprise us with a little something... He took his first steps!!! 

We are so incredibly proud of him and we are even happier that Daddy happened to be home for the 36 hours that he decided to do it! 

We love you Crew Benjamin! 
Keep learning, growing, and doing everything your own way! 


  1. Go, Crew, go! Congratulations on having a new walker in the house. :)

  2. Yay Crew!!!!! HOW is this happening so quickly? He was just a little baby yesterday, right?!

  3. How awesome that your hubs was home for the steps!!! :)