Sunday, March 27, 2016

Our 5th Anniversary:

5 Years ago today
We said "I do"
Surrounded by family & friends
And all that we knew

Right here in Jacksonville
Our journey began
Now we are back
With 2 babies in hand

I wouldn't trade a thing
Or a single day
Even when the Military
Takes you away

Because you see
My love for you grows
And nobody but us
Truly knows

That each family dinner
Or bath time routine
Just having you home
And right next to me

Is something we cherish
So much more
To just have you walk
Through our front door

So to my one and only
Happy Anniversary
I couldn't imagine another person
To do life with me!


And some Family Facts during our 5 years:
*5 homes
*4 moves
*3 Pregnancies
*2 healthy beautiful children
*2 Deployments
*1 Cancer Diagnosis/Surgery
*And much more 
I could not ask for a better person to do life with and I am so thankful to call him mine! 

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary!! You two have gone through more in five years than many married couples ever go through!! xoxo