Monday, March 21, 2016

My 5 W's of Blogging:

Happy Monday & Beginning of Easter Week! 

I am so excited to be linking up with my sweet friend Sarah over at Seeing All Sides for this fun little post. Sarah started this and I thought it would be so fun to share with all of you as well! I have had people ask how or why I started blogging but that they were so happy I did because they truly enjoy reading and following along {something I whole heartedly enjoy hearing}.
So here are my 5 basic reasons of blogging! I hope you enjoy!

{WHO do I blog about}
My Family, obviously! 
You will find that the majority of my topics are on our children Charli & Crew. 

{WHAT do I blog about}
I feel I blog about a little bit of everything...
Our life; From experiencing "firsts" with the kids, day to day topics, family trips/vacations, and even all the challenges my health brings to me and my family.
Home Decor; Decorating & Design is a true love and passion for me and is something I have always done. My mom and I laugh because even when I was in Middle School and High School I was constantly re-arranging my furniture in my room, I would make her buy me "holiday" bedding or "themed" bedding {ie: Spring/Summer & Winter}.  I love having this space of the internet to be able to share and even inspire others to decorate or change up a space for the holidays!
Party Planning; Planning and styling birthday parties, brunches, baby showers, you name it is also something I truly love doing. I am incredibly thankful for being recognized by Evite in this area and that they came to me and asked if I could be a top contributor for their website! I love sharing every tiny detail that goes into making a party truly special or unique!
Recipes; I love sharing my occasional recipes {food and drink}
 Photography; Not that I actually blog "about" photography, but photography is a part of me and documenting everything I can within a photo is what you will find in each and every post!
Plain and simple, this blog serves as my journal for our family and also somewhat of a scrapbook {also something I had a true love for back in the day} which means you will find just about everything related to that in here!

{WHEN do I blog}
I only blog when the kids are asleep; that includes nap time, bed time, or sometimes even waking up before them to get something posted or typed. Blogging is definitely "me" time and something I really enjoy doing. Although let me add that I never put a lot of pressure on it, if I get around to it great but if I am not feeling well and am sick I use nap time for me to rest instead!

{WHERE do I blog}
In our master bedroom office nook. Our master is huge and we have this amazing bay window nook area that we have made into an office space! Although I am ready to get a new desk soon because thanks to the Navy movers our nice big office desk broke... yep, two legs basically snapped off and was unfixable... So right now we are using a tiny little desk we had until I find the perfect one!

{WHY do I blog}
Because I absolutely love everything that has to do with organization and documentation. I was always the note taker in school {seriously something I LOVED}, documenting, and journaling things and this space is all of that in one. I can have photos along with thoughts and it is so clean and organized and that makes me really happy! Blogging is truly therapeutic for me and it is so funny because I have never enjoyed "reading and writing" or even "English" for that matter, and I feel blogging is all of that put together. haha! Lastly, I blog for my family. I hope that Charli and Crew can look back on this when they are older and really appreciate every thing I have documented and written about and that they enjoy seeing what their lives were like as they grew up! 

So what about you?
Who, What, When, Where, and Why do you blog? 

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  1. Love love love! We have so much in common. I always hated writing, too, so it's hilarious to me that I enjoy blogging so much! Also, it's nice to hear another blogger who doesn't put pressure on herself to blog. Those are always my favorites anyway! ;) I didn't know that about you and Evite--so cool!! Thanks for the shout out, friend!