Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Crafting Chronicles: Easter Bunny Bags:

Happy Wednesday & Half-Way through the Week!! 

Charli's Easter Party at school is approaching and I know there are others out there with festivities going on soon so I wanted to share these Bunny Bags I created for Charli's little friends in class. They are so incredibly simple and not to mention absolutely adorable! So if you are looking for something to hand out as a "goodie bag" for your Easter Party, Easter Brunch, or Easter Egg Hunt, look no further. These are sure to be a hit with kids and adults! 

Things You Will Need:
*Brown lunch bags
*Glue Gun
*Cotton Balls
*Twine {or string or ribbon}
*Tag {this was just an added touch, you don't even have to add one}

First, take your lunch bag and simply cut a "V" down the middle {I made the slightest curve but you really don't have to even do that}.
Next, open the bag and find where you want to place your cotton ball. Then hot glue cotton ball to bag {I placed my hand on the inside of the bag when I glued it on}.
Fill bag with whatever goodies you could imagine. I chose sidewalk chalk, spring inspired fruit snacks, bubbles, a stretchy Easter Bunny toy, and an Easter Egg filled with Jelly Beans. {I will definitely be making these again but an adult version; little champagne bottles, candies, and other festive goodies!}
Lastly, take your piece of twine, and at the bottom of the "V" {or ears} wrap the twine and tie {this part takes a little "fluffing". As you tie, you will need to work with the bag and ears to keep it upright, straight, and formed}
And voila, a simple rustic bunny bag that would cost next to nothing depending on what supplies you already have laying around the house! 

Hoppy Crafting! 
{you see what I did there... ;)}

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  1. These are adorable!! You always craft such cute things!