Thursday, August 6, 2015

Crew's First Birthday Invitation:

Happy Thursday friends! 

We are officially one week away from having a sweet little ONE year old.  How in the heck did that even happen?! Though I am 100% in denial about it, I am ready to celebrate the sweetest boy that ever lived! Steven will unfortunately miss Crew's actual First Birthday so we decided to push his birthday party up so daddy could be a part of his celebration (the first of many special occasions he will unfortunately miss...).  

We have family coming into town for our special boy and we will be celebrating Crew all week long (as we do in our family)! Since his birthday party is just a couple of days away I wanted to share with you his very first birthday invitation! It was of course created by my oh so fabulous best friend! I came up with the saying but the rest is all CB Designs! She truly is amazing and makes every invitation so special for us! Thank you again Aunt Christie, we love you! 

Crew's First Birthday Invitation

We can't wait to get this party started but in the meantime are just trying to get Crew back to his healthy self! He unfortunately had his very first Emergency Room visit this week due to having over a 103 fever.  He had a 102 fever for a couple of days and the moment it spiked to 103.3 his Pediatrician told us to take him in. Thankfully he still looked healthy and the diagnosis was a little virus that needed to work its way out his system. He seems to be in much better spirits and his fever has stayed down for about 24 hours now! Not really the way I pictured us starting his first birthday festivities, but that's life for you! 
We are just happy he is feeling better! 

Here is to the start of Crew's First Birthday Week! 


  1. Aww, I hope Crew is feeling back to 100% soon!! I love the invitation and party idea :)

  2. Happy birthday week, Crew! Hope he feels better! I can't believe he will be one, I know his party will be perfect! The invites are adorable!