Sunday, August 16, 2015

Charli's First Official Swim:

Happy Sunday!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

I am finally getting around to posting this and wanted to make sure it was documented since this little place is our family's journal!

 As you know, we put Charli in Swim Lessons back in April-May. Though she initially had some fears, she still loved swim lessons and really seemed to thrive. To be completely honest I wasn't expecting Charli to be fully swimming for a while but she sure fooled us...
Only 2 weeks in to living with Nana and Papa our (then 2 year old) swam for the first time, all by herself, with no floaty and no help!! 

We really couldn't be more proud of our little girl and her swimming skills that are really starting to develop! She still hates putting her head under the water and she still has a lot of work to do but our baby girl officially swam for the very first time at not even 3! Her confidence, her skills, and her eagerness to learn these very important techniques at such a young age is so important to us! Growing up as a competitive swimmer there is nothing more that I love to see than my babies in the water! 

We are so proud of you Charli Adele!! 
Keep up the good work! 

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  1. Go girl, they will be driving before we know it ... ;)