Thursday, August 13, 2015

Crew Benjamin: 12 Month Update:

Happy First Birthday to this sweet baby boy! 

One Year Ago Today we met the most handsome little boy who officially stole our hearts and completed our little family! Though Crew fought extremely hard his First Few Days of life he has been nothing short of healthy and perfect and we couldn't feel more blessed! To say we have fallen in love with Crew more as each day passes would be an understatement. I don't know how it is possible to have so much love in my body to give but I do. I never thought I could love another little human as much as I love Charli, but I can and it's something fierce. His big blue eyes make me melt into a puddle, his sweet little voice makes me smile with delight, and seeing his relationship with his big sister grow makes my momma heart want to burst! It's simply a beautiful thing! I have been in denial that he is turning one, and I just can't wrap my brain around how a whole year has come and gone in a blink of an eye. 

It has been another wonderful and busy month with our little guy! We are thoroughly enjoying living with Nana & Papa and seeing all of our family and friends whenever we want! He has spent every single day outside and in the pool! As much as Charli has always been a water baby Crew has her beat. He will definitely be my swimmer! Crew will sit on the sun shelf in my parents pool and throw himself off, going under the water, and kicking. Bath time has turned into much of the same... He throws himself onto his belly and kicks until his heart is content! He truly is a little fish! 

Crew had his first ER visit just Last Week and thankfully started feeling better by his Birthday Party. Other than that he is as healthy as they come and we couldn't be happier! 

Crew's Stats:
*Weight: I would guess around 26lbs (will get official weight at 1 year appt on Tuesday)
*Height: Around 30 1/2inches (will get official length at 1 year appt on Tuesday)
*Diaper Size: Size 4 Pampers Swaddlers
*Clothes: 12 & 18 Month
*Teeth: 6 (4 top, 2 bottom). Both of his bottom incisors are swollen and white so we may have a couple more teeth soon and I have noticed his molars have been bothering him as well.
*Sleep: 2 Naps a Day: Morning Nap is 8:30am (1-2 hours long); Afternoon Nap is 1pm (1-3 hours long); Bedtime is 7pm (wakes between 6:30am-7:30am). We had a really bad week of sleep last week due to him being so sick. It was honestly like having a newborn again (but worst). Crew would go down at 7pm and would wake around 11pm, I would nurse him back to sleep (which is only ever 5-10 minutes) but he would NOT let me lay him back down. He would scream and cry until I picked him back up, he would fall back to sleep immediately on me. All he wanted was me... Needless to say I felt like a zombie... 

Charli and Crew share a room here at Nana and Papa's and they do amazing! They both go to sleep at the same time and thankfully Charli sleeps through all of his night time shenanigans he has been having! 

*Food: I can't even keep track as to the new foods he is eating. He seriously LOVES everything... Tomatoes, Potatoes, Zucchini, Avocado, Watermelon, Grapes, Bananas, Peppers, Beans, Pasta, Chicken, Hamburger, Turkey... I have literally never seen him turn down a single thing! Some new things though have been Otter Pops (popsicles) and with his Birthday his first piece of cake! 

He is still nurses 3 times during the day; Before morning nap, Before afternoon nap, and before bed. As well as nursing when he wakes in the middle of the night. Charli was officially weaned by 15-16 months but I have no plan on weaning this little guy anytime soon! He still LOVES his milk and gets about 3 bottles of Organic Whole Milk or even 1% during the day/night (he is seriously a milk machine).
*Words: This was a big month for our little man's vocabulary! On top of his already learned words; mama, dada, and nana, he learned to say "wawa" and knows that is his sippy cup, he says "Yeah", "Hi", and even "yaya" when he see's his uncle! Crew even put his first two words together last week "Hi Dada" as he waved to daddy!
*Social: Crew is still as social as ever! He literally loves to love! He makes everyone happy, he lets anyone hold him, and he is always smiling (with tongue out of course ;)). Crew does get really shy for the most part when he see's someone new but usually warms right up. He has met a lot of new people since we have been back down in Florida and still has so many more to meet! 
*Other: Crew is officially standing and has even stood all by himself a couple of times for about 1-2 seconds. He isn't anywhere close to walking I don't think but is getting stronger and more sturdy every day! One fun fact is that Crew originally learned how to Crawl the somewhat "proper" way but decided shortly after that he had a better way of doing it. He literally hasn't "crawled" since and instead sits on his bum (one leg tucked in and one leg straight out) and scoots. I swear I have never seen anything like it and it is the most hilarious thing, but the boy moves QUICK doing it! haha! 

He is still extremely ticklish, loves the bath, the pool, the beach, the dogs, the dogs bed, the dogs water bowl, pots and pans, boxes and bags, and loves laughing at his big sister! He officially started waving and waves at everything and everyone (he's been waving to his birthday balloons every day), points, and can show you how old he is! He amazes us every day and we are so proud of everything he can do! 

Here is a look back from 1 month to 12 months...

Happy First Birthday Crew Benjamin! 
We love you so much! 

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