Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Potty Post: 2.0:

Potty Training round two has gone much differently than The First Time. We were honestly extremely blessed with Charli. We carved out one weekend with her, focused all of our time and energy and from that very moment that she went on the potty she never looked back. You could literally see the light bulb go off above her head. She never wore a single pull-up, no accidents, never wet her bed, and to this day is still amazing. 

Every child is different though. We have heard the phrase "potty training boys is much harder or different than girls." I think it is just each individual child and when they are truly ready. Potty training our babies has never been this huge priority for us. It was something we never wanted to push them in to doing too early and wanting to make sure they were old enough and aware. I think too many people try and teach their kids at too young of an age. Children will learn when they are ready and we have always waited for our babies to give us those signs. 

Crew gave us those signs back in November last year. He was just over 2 {same exact age that Charli learned and was interested}. He wanted to go potty on the potty like sissy. 

We took those signs and did a more gradual approach with Crew. We would put him on the potty if he told us but it wasn't every single time. We did this for a couple of months and then finally come February he was wearing underwear, waking up dry, not having accidents, all big changes for our little guy! We could officially say he was "potty trained" and he was doing so well! 

The difference with Crew has been that he will still have a random accident here or there if he is playing and forgets to run to the bathroom. Other than that he is still doing amazing and waking up dry {which if you know Crew, I thought this would NEVER happen! haha!}

Keep it up bubba!! We love you and are so proud of you! 

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