Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Life Lately: Through my Lens:

I realized I had a ton of pictures I haven't shared and thought another series of my Life Lately was in order. It has been hard to find the time these past 6 months to be able to sit, write, and share everything like I normally do. I am at a different Doctors appointment 4 times a week, including upwards to 10 CT Scans, multiple ultrasounds, and 4 MRI's that I have had just since February. So yeah, I have just been exhausted, and when I am home, I am either resting or spending every second I can with my family. It definitely doesn't mean my camera has been put away, no sir, that would just be silly! 

So by golly, here is a snapshot of our life lately over the past 3-4 months! 


*Steven does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the kids & I went to watch him one morning. 
He will be putting on his blue belt soon.

 *neighborhood Oyster Roast with our friends! 


*Steven's grandfather came to visit us

*We celebrated daddy's birthday


*we celebrated one of our girlfriends birthdays on a random tuesday, by throwing her a tea party. mimosas included!! 

*we went to the clay county fair with friends. crew rode his very first rides! 

*baseball season is officially here: we headed to the home opener of the jumbo shrimp game with some friends


*cinco de mayo fiesta

*ole for the der-bay fiesta 

golf days:

pool days:

and all the backyard days:

 Happy Tuesday! 

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