Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Catching Moments: {19/52}:

*Charli has finally {for the third year now} started to get more comfortable with the water again {only when she knows she can touch that is}. Seriously, only me, who was a swimmer my entire life would have children terrified of learning to swim {sigh}. Any who, we continue to tell her how proud we are each and every chance we get and she continues to take little steps that builds her confidence. She officially LOVES jumping off the side of the pool now, just not to daddy or anyone and she now LOVES swimming back and forth to you from the wall. Keep it up baby girl, we are so proud of you! 

*"The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever"
Getting out of the house for the first time yesterday and taking the kids to the beach was just what the doctor ordered. Breathing in the fresh salt air was truly good for my soul. And even more so, watching my babies have the best time. They have been such troopers this past almost 7 weeks. I loved watching them run around and splash in the tide pools. These truly are the days! 

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