Monday, May 15, 2017

Charli's School Days: Kindergarten Registration:

Good morning & Happy Monday friends! I hope all you momma's out there got spoiled rotten over the weekend and had the Happiest of Mother's Days! 

With the end of the school year in sight and Summer Days on the horizon we have been focusing on all things Kindergarten over here. Where has the time gone and how is it even possible that our very first baby is old enough to be headed off to "big school" so soon. To say she is excited & oh so ready would be a huge understatement. She practices sight words every day, learns how to spell a new word every day, and constantly amazes us with her learning ability. I have no doubt she is going to thrive and succeed in school. 

We unfortunately missed her Kindergarten Orientation due to me being rushed to the Emergency Room weeks ago and I can't tell you how awful I felt about it. Not only was she excited but so were we. She never complained though and said "it's ok mommy, I love you, I don't want you sick anymore, we can see kindergarten another day right?". As stubborn & strong willed as she is, she is the most loving & caring 4 year old. So even though we missed Orientation, her school allowed us to come in one morning when I was feeling better for a one-on-one private tour of the campus and to get all of her Kindergarten Registration forms. 

We made it a special morning with just Charli, mommy, and daddy. She picked out her outfit and bow all by herself {the night before and then obviously changed her mind that morning... haha}. Watching her face light up as we pulled into the parking lot saying "WOW, Kindergarten is SO BIG you guys. Look at the amazing playground. Look at that, WOW, I just love it!" Steven and I looked at each other and smiled, climbed out of the car, held our big 4 year olds hand, and walked her up to her big school! What a feeling.

  We met so many wonderful staff & students who were all so welcoming, we met the Principal, and Charli even got to say hi to some of her friends who are currently there. All of the teachers we met seemed amazing, the kids happy, and we loved the campus. It was so surreal walking the halls of an Elementary School with our baby knowing in a couple of short months that is where she will be. She sure is growing up right before our eyes.

So until then, let's enjoy these next few months & Summer Days that are ahead of us!
Because come August, we will be flipping the page to a whole new chapter of her life! 

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