Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Our Home Tour: Laundry/Mudroom:

The very first project we tackled inside the home was the Laundry Room. With it being a small room we felt it would be a good weekend project as well as being a good place to decide on both flooring & paint colors. The Laundry Room in my opinion was just gross; from the random vinyl floors, to the yellow walls, dirty utility sink, and a giant closet that I knew would end up filled with junk

Steven said he knew from the moment we walked into the house what I was going to want to do with that room and he was right... Turn it into some sort of mudroom! For our family, the Laundry Room has always been where everything gets dropped; bags, purses, shoes, keys... And with Charli heading off to Kindergarten this coming school year... Backpacks I'm certain. So having a functional space was something high on my priorities. 
So back on a random weekend in the Summer we decided to start demoing! 


 Steven removed the utility sink & cabinets, did all of the plumbing, then started in with closet demo.

After everything was cleared out and cleaned up, Steven had a ton of drywalling to do on the walls & ceiling. We had to wait for everything to dry before we could start painting. We added a touch of bead board on the wall where the washer & dryer sit while we waited.  

 Once we could start painting we went right to work. We painted the every single thing in the room; walls, trim, baseboards, celling, and existing cabinets above the washer & dryer. 
The cabinets got a fresh coat of white paint and the color we chose for the walls was Sherwin Williams March Wind. It is the prettiest most perfect grey for that space! 

Once painting was complete, Steven started on the floors. This was a big decision for us as whatever we chose for the Laundry Room was going to eventually go throughout our entire house. I knew without a doubt I wanted the "Wood Look Tile". I wanted something that we would never have to replace again and tile is the most durable flooring out there. We chose Beautiful Cherry in the 36in X 8inch size which is significantly larger than the normal size wood tiles and they are ahhhhh-mazing!

Steven did an absolutely amazing job laying the floor and went right to work on building the Mudroom Built In. We had gone back and forth on if we wanted Steven to actually build from scratch or if we wanted to purchase. We compared so many prices & styles and what would be most cost efficient. We ultimately ended up not being able to pass up an online sale that Home Depot had on their Home Decorations line. Steven took some quick measurements and it was s if this piece was made for the spot we were looking to fill. We did however re-paint the entire thing with a fresh coat of white paint so it would match the cabinets {it came in an off white and was noticeably different} before Steven built it. 

Once it was put together, our good friend Dan helped Steven carry it in and put it into place! I can't tell you how much I love this room now. It is so open and I have so much more storage! Thank you so much honey for putting my dreams into reality! 

 There are a couple of finishing touches we still need to do... Add the matching hardware to the cabinets above the washer & dryer and some crown molding along the celling, but for now, it is perfect!

Happy Tuesday & Happy Renovating!  

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