Thursday, January 19, 2017

Charli Adele: 4.5 Year Update:

Happy Half Birthday to our Charli Adele! 

I can't believe another half of a year has gone by and we are that much closer to having a FIVE year old and Kindergartner. Mind officially blown. Charli is every bit of sassy and every bit of sweet and I hope and pray she never loses sight of how much happiness she brings to people. 

Charli is not in school this year {thanks to Florida VPK being crazy hard to get into and not being able to get her into her school... Sorry but we weren't going to send our child to a random school just for VPK.} So she has been home with Crew and I this year and boy has she been one tough cookie for us lately. Her stubbornness has been at the forefront of just about everything. Though we have had our fair share of meltdowns & moments lately I am whole heartily trying to enjoy every bit of having her home while I can, because from here on out it will never happen again... and it is so crazy to even think about!  

We love you so much baby girl and you are growing up right before our very eyes. Continue to stand tall, make people laugh, and be the best friend, sister, & daughter you can be! We still can't believe you are 4 1/2. 

Charli's Stats:
*Height: 4 feet {she is right at 47-48 inches}
*Weight: 50 lbs
*Clothes: anywhere between a 5T to a 7
*Sleep: Bedtime: 7:30PM/8PM and wakes up every morning at 6:30AM {she has always been our early riser... it doesn't matter what time she goes to bed...}
Nap time: She has a quiet time at 1PM in her room while Crew naps. I will find her actually napping maybe once a week. Thankfully she will stay in her room coloring, drawing, or playing with her doll house for an hour or two.
*Some of Her Favorite Things: Charli loves to be outside, swinging, running, watering her flowers, she is still obsessed with princesses & fairies, she loves going to the movies, sleepovers at Nana & Papa's, riding her bike, helping mommy clean, playing soccer, tennis, going to the beach, and her all time favorite thing to do is perform for us. She loves to sing & dance and it's hilarious! 

We are going to celebrate with our traditional half birthday cake in a couple of weeks for Charli & Crew and she is already counting down until we do! ;)

Happy Half to our 4 1/2 year old!
We love you! 

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