Monday, October 24, 2016

Crafting Chronicles: Pallet Porch Pumpkins:

Happy Monday Friends! 

How in the heck are we one week away from Halloween already? Am I losing my mind. This month totally went right over my head without my even noticing. Between the Hurricane and our Home Renovation {which feels like a Hurricane inside the home} I feel I have done nothing but clean when I can and stay cooped up in one room with both kids to not touch things, walk on the floors, and be out of the way... It's. Been. Hard. But we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can't tell you how amazing my husband is for all of his hard work #hedeservesanaward. 

So since I haven't been able to decorate the inside of our home {keeping my fingers crossed that I can in a few days!} we are headed to the porch... The only thing that finally has pumpkins on it and I am going to show you the easiest most adorable Pallet Pumpkins that you {or the hubs} can whip up in 5 minutes flat! We have about 3 pallets laying around the garage right now {crafter problems} and I've been wanting Pallet Pumpkins for a while and already have something for Christmas in mind, so a quick pumpkin sketch on a piece of plywood and you are started!

Pallet Porch Pumpkins
*Sketch a pumpkin to whatever size on a piece of plywood
*With a saw, cut pumpkin out.
*Line your pallet pieces onto plywood and nail or screw in
*With your saw, trim the edges of the pallet pieces off so that it matches the plywood drawing
*Add another piece of pallet to the bottom of your pumpkin to act as a stand
*Use a piece of a branch or whatever thicker stick you can find {I just so happened to have quite a few due to the lost trees from the Hurricane} and nail into the back of the pumpkin for your stem.
*And Voila!! I did a quick white wash to the pumpkins and absolutely love how they turned out! I have gotten so many compliments!  

Happy Crafting! 

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